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Normobaric chamber Normobaric – This is the only certified and certified device dedicated to health and immunity in Łódź, used in prevention and treatment.


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The conditions inside the chamber have a regenerating, rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory effect. Scientific research shows that therapy with elevated pressure brings a number of benefits without age restrictions. We provide the highest quality, comfort and safety.

Oxygen theraphy favoring regeneration.

Thanks to normobaric therapy, it is possible for the cells of the human body to effectively absorb oxygen. Wounds heal faster, the aging process slows down and the production of stem cells increases, which are used in tissue and organ regeneration processes.









Our immunity depends on many factors – diet, lifestyle, proper hormonal balance in our body. One of the most important is proper blood saturation, i.e. oxygenation of organism, which is responsible for the proper functioning of organs in the human body, and as a consequence – effectively protects our body.


The normobaric chamber is a place for professional athletes as well as for amateurs who take training seriously. Regular oxygenation of the body shortens the recovery period after exercise and naturally increases the efficiency of the body. Professionals around the world effectively support their body with oxygen therapy.


Normobaric oxygen therapy as an action supporting treatment processes is a very desirable and effective complement to the premises of medical activities. Spectacular results are caused by the supply of oxygen to the deepest recesses of our body, which accelerates healing processes.


Normobaric therapy after dental surgery such as extractions, resections, as well as directly after implantation by its operation, improves blood supply to damaged tissues, thereby enhancing the effect of antibiotics and accelerating wound healing.  


Normobaric therapy is also successfully used as a leading and supportive therapy in the fight against overweight and obesity.  Supplying oxygen to the body stimulates life processes associated with metabolism, causing its acceleration, facilitates metabolism. 


Well-being in the prime of life is a very desirable condition for both young and mature people.  Full energy, willingness  to live, strength, stiffness and vitality, physical and intellectual fitness also depend on the level of  oxygenation of the body. Sessions in a normobaric chamber are an effective method to slow down the aging process of our body’s cells.  


Our body, after reaching puberty, is constantly aging. The body on the outside is skin, but also hair and nails. A well oxygenated person feels healthier and looks healthier.  Oxygen as an element of life, reaching the deepest corners of our body makes us look blooming – our skin has a healthy color. 


A quick return to the form before injury is possible thanks to the Normobaric chamber. The increased oxygen concentration in the body stimulates the bone marrow to accelerate the production of stem cells, which are responsible, among others  for regenerating damaged body cells.   Rehabilitation is much more efficient, the patient feels better results.


Being in a normobaric atmosphere has a soothing effect on allergic reactions of people allergic to plant pollen and other allergens around us. By staying in a controlled atmosphere, the typical allergic symptoms such as runny nose and cough disappear.  

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