Oxygen therapy

How does it work on our body?

An atmosphere conducive to regeneration.

Thanks to the Normobaric chamber, it is possible to absorb oxygen more effectively by the cells of the human body. Under controlled conditions of elevated pressure, the production of stem cells, which are used in the regenerative processes of tissues and organs, increases.

Conditions inside the Normobaric chamber








What gives a changed air composition?

The purpose of the session in the Normobaric chamber is to properly oxygenate the cells and provide oxygen to the damaged tissues of our body.

The volume of gas that dissolves in a liquid is directly proportional to the partial pressure of that gas. This means that the higher the pressure in the research environment, the more oxygen is able to dissolve in the blood plasma.

Breathing air in the Normobaric chamber dissolves oxygen not only in red blood cells, but above all in plasma, which allows the cells of our body to oxygenate effectively.

How does it work?

Thanks to the Normobaric chamber, diseased tissues and organs receive more life-giving oxygen. The body’s natural repair mechanisms can work more efficiently. The regeneration process occurs even where the blood supply has been inhibited or hindered (in the case of microtraumas and damage to the body’s tissues).

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Why Normobaric?

In normoural therapy, the use of a proven, certified device is crucial. Normobaric chambers produced by Ekonstal as the only ones in Poland have been studied by scientists at the Medical Faculty of Nicolaus Copernicus University. The Normobaric Room also has a CE mark – it meets all requirements in terms of quality and safety. In addition, the production technologies of tanks produced by Ekonstal are based on many years of experience and competence of employees involved in the production process, they are a guarantor of the highest quality equipment produced in Poland.